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Day 9: When We Cling to “Certainty”

In modern society and an uncertain world, we tend to cling to what we know. Our materials possessions, homes, cars, our relationships with lovers, family, colleagues and friends, carefully curating our lives to be exactly as we want or think it should be. But in yoga we learn impermanence; not to grasp, to stay present and open so we can experience the present moment with open eyes and ears. Easier said than done in our busy lives! <<click image to read more>>

Day 1: The Article That Started It All

Coming away from the 2017 Women of the Vine & Spirits Global Summit, I was inspired that we could openly discuss the challenges we face as women, around gender equality, glass ceilings, and career negotiation, but also frustrated that no-one talked about alcohol itself. What it does, how we relate to it, and how we can navigate an industry intrinsically soaked in it. So I wrote an opinion piece for Meininger’s International Wine Business in the hopes to start a conversation. <<click image to read more>>