Day 17: Surviving Trade Fairs – 10 Tips for Going The Distance

Day 17: Surviving Trade Fairs – 10 Tips for Going The Distance

Spring has sprung and for many it means packing the carry-on for the marathon that is multi-day international trade fairs. Between the jetlag, relentless meetings, tastings, and long hospitality nights, your body can take the brunt, so here’s 10 tips to manage the marathon:

1. Wellness Packing List

The vital list includes Vitamins C, B and magnesium, melatonin, ibuprofen, pedialyte “power packs”, eye drops, eye mask and earplugs. You’re welcome.

2. Make Time for Breakfast

Don’t be tempted to skip the alarm. Set time for a solid breakfast to get your digestion kick started and your body fueled for the day ahead.

3. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Always accept water in meetings, and better still, pack a water bottle.  This means also making time for restroom stops, but your body will thank you.

4. Sensible Shoes

Dress shoes are a must, so for ladies, go “New York” and wear your flats, pack your heels and slip them on just as you enter the pavilion.

5. Don’t Skip Lunch

Eat lunch but replace pastas and sandwiches with a protein option.  Seek out veteran fair attendees who can give you the best tips on where to find lunch.

6. Watch your Caffeine

Coffee can be great fuel, but can also dehydrate your body and cause crashes and headaches when in excess, so take your espressos with care.

7. Dinners & Parties

Temptation abounds, but keep dinner light, avoid bread and dessert, and take one water /wine at all times.  Post dinner, choose low sugar options, skip sweet mixers or better still, steer toward amaro - Italian bitters designed to aid digestion. 

8. Walk Home or Slow Down

Walking after dinner will just help your body to digest, and if you’re not walking distance, make quiet time in the taxi, catch up with loved ones, then set a time to “switch off”.

9. Sleeping Poses

If your body is aching for respite, put your legs up the wall or roll a bath towel under your knees or feet to help relax your lower back.

10. Treating “Wine Flu”

Drink as much water as you can before bed. In the morning, double up on vitamin B, take ibuprofen, and pedialyte for dehydration. Refrigerated eye drops help cool and soothe the eyes.

Alcohol trade fairs are no small task, and your body is the only thing that’s going to carry you through.  So with a little bit of mindfulness and discipline, you will do great business, create incredible memories, and be clear-headed enough to come home and tell the stories.



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