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Photo Credit: Chloe Jackman 2018

My life has revolved around wine  since the early 1990s as a student of Wine Business at Adelaide  University, South Australia. Raised in the premium Southern Vales wine region,  my career has taken me across the globe and I have been fortunate enough to visit, experience, and work with some of the world's best winemakers, grapegrowers, world leaders, business visionaries and luxury brands in the category.  

Today my focus is to continue to provide guidance, access to networks and connections across the world of wine, with a balance of strategy, leadership, vision and practicality, learned over 25 years in the wine business.


Having a successful career in beverage alcohol also requires an enormous amount of discipline, and discernment. The working life many of us wake to every day -  one of endless tastings, restaurant meals, extensive travel and public life can take its toll. Here I hope to share some of my own experiences, learnings and tricks to help others maintain long term health and wellness, while being challenged by the realities of a life tempted by an abundance of excess.

~ Rebecca Hopkins


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In this episode Monty Waldin meets Rebecca Hopkins. Rebecca is originally from McLaren Vale in Australia and has worked in the wine industry in both Australia and the United States. Rebecca is an expert in brand communication and event marketing and provides some useful tips about selling wine with words and identifies some mistakes to avoid. She also talks about how millennials respond to wine marketing and their interest in the physical experience of wine. Tune in for another exciting episode of out “Let’s talk wine biz – wine2wine series”!