How We Self-Care: Tips from the Wine Community

How We Self-Care: Tips from the Wine Community

A few weeks ago I posted what I thought was a random, open question on Facebook. It was a Saturday morning and I simply asked, “So, what are you doing today for self-care?”
There was a whirlwind of responses, largely from friends who also work in the wine industry. I was psyched to see so many people replying with some sort of exercise or mindful practice, from yoga to meditation to spin class to fishing to running to hiking. And certainly there were many versions of drinking that sounded like a lot of fun, like wine, cocktails, meals with friends, and festivals in the fresh air.
Here were ten others:

1.     Watered the surviving plants. Went and looked at my woods. Probably not the best idea.

2.     Feeding the birds and then watching them. Migrations have begun, so it’s pretty exciting to see who new is passing through.

3.     Changing from summer clothes to autumn. Trying not to get depressed at how much stuff no longer fits me.

4.     Cleaning the barn and hopping on my stubborn little Icelandic horse for a ride in the park. Nothing like scooping poop to recenter me (and being in tune with an animal).

5.     Hitting one of the last weekends at the Farmers’ Market before opening the shop.

6.     Myofascial workshop and acupuncture. [That was Beck! Anyone surprised??]

7.     #ForestBathing!!!!!

8.     Sewing for my granddaughter then ironing.

9.     Dedicate all my attention to my daughters.

10.   I’ve been alternating work and house stuff with allowing myself to mourn my man some more…

This was hardly a scientific study but the responses – and the range of responses – piqued my interest, so I asked the same question a few days later, on a regular weekday/workday this time.
Again, happily, there was a flurry of responses about exercise or meditation and eating or drinking, and they were complemented by more explicit mental health mentions, like hours intentionally spent away from work, cancelling a work trip in order to stay home and rest, and scheduling a therapist session for the first time in order to halt depression.
This is self-care too, and we are all working on it in our obviously different ways.
The thing about self-care, whatever it means for you, is that it’s a counterbalance. Self-care “offsets” challenges. It reminds us of self-compassion. It makes us more resilient and ready to handle the challenges when they come our way. And we don’t have to wait for a monster of a challenge in order to realize that self-care helps. We can do a little at a time, so that our stores of compassion are stocked for when we need them, especially when the need is urgent or sudden.
Want to hear the bonus?
Practicing self-care and self-compassion makes us better able to extend compassion toward others.
So take a look around today. Maybe notice when someone’s stores of self-compassion are running a little low, and share some of yours.
Then go home. Take a breath. And let the re-stocking begin!
I hope it helps.

Meet The Tribe:

Our community is only as strong as the company we keep, and here we meet some of the folks who make our profession so dynamic.


Siu Ki Wan

Founder SKW Production Inc - Wine & Spirits Event Marketing

Years In Industry:

15+. My first introduction to the F+B world was at 17 years old working as a hostess at the River Cafe. Working front of house in NY restaurants, I joined Wine & Spirits Magazine as an event marketing intern and left as their Event & Marketing Director. Today SKW Production Inc specializes in producing wine events for clients ranging from La Paulee to Wine & Spirits Magazine and various EU projects.

My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

Eating healthy and working out while on the road.  Year to date I’ve flown 80,000 miles and eat out almost every night of the week.  When I am home, healthy choices and working out are easier, but while on the road it’s tough with wine client dinners, and working out gets pushed to the side.

How I Keep It Together To Stay Well:

When I am fortunate enough to be home, I like to “nest,” and make time for myself. If schedule allows, I stop work around 3pm, head to the gym for a cardio, barre or yoga class then go grocery shopping for dinner and have a cuddle session with my dogs. I try to avoid drinking on most week days; reserving it for social occasions.

A friend recently introduced me to the meditation app “Headspace” - it is super simple to use and have been incorporating it in to my morning routine right after I wake up. Defining my “space,” and doing a “body check,” helps me prepare for the day and rewards me with a little “me time,” before I give everyone else my time.

You can connect with Siu Ki on FaceBook, Instagram, or via her website

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