Reduce Stress in 60 Seconds: Dial “N” for Nature

Reduce Stress in 60 Seconds: Dial “N” for Nature

Decades of medical research, books, journals, and papers exist on the benefits of spending time in nature, and the positive impacts on stress levels, and our overall physical and mental wellbeing.

But when we live in busy cities, spending hours in planes, subways, cars, office buildings, and teetering on the heels and stilettos of life, it’s tough to find time to get to nature.

In the wine world, we have a real WORK reason to get there, but you don’t need to go to far flung exotic wine regions to reap the benefits (however if you want an excuse you now have one)

Anyone who has spent time in a thriving vineyard has experienced the happiness that arises from being in a place that’s growing and thriving, going about its annual lifecycle.  Just ask any viticulture professional where they would rather be.


So the next time you’re feeling stressed, simply tune in to nature in these 6 easy steps:

1.     Get outside – your lawn, a park, garden, vineyard or hike trail.

2.     Take off your shoes and socks and dig your bare feet into the earth.

3.     Close your eyes and focus on your feet and the ground beneath you.

4.     Take a deep breath from the tips of your toes up into your belly.

5.     Exhale from your belly back into the earth.

6.     Breathe in the earth beneath you, breathe out any anxiety, concern or worry.

Repeat for three to five breath cycles then open your eyes and be reminded of what you are standing on.

Yes it’s nature, but even more, it’s the foundation that supports us in everything we do in our daily life.  A solid, firm footing from which we can build and grow in our daily lives.

Have more time? Sit down in your green space and observe. The sounds of the leaves rustling, undergrowth moving with the breeze, and maybe the small critters and butterflies that call a vineyard or garden their home.

The earth is (literally) here to support you. So use it.  Simply dial “N” for nature and see what it can do for you.

Thanks for reading and being with us

Namaste Rebecca

P.S If you really want to go delve into this subject, I recommend Howard Frumkin’s incredibly rich 2017 Journal “Nature Contact and Human Health: A Research Agenda” .


Meet the Tribe!

Elizabeth Van Erst headshot.JPG

Elizabeth Van Emst, General Manager, Cooperages 1912

Years in Industry: 

Ten years in wine oak barrel sales and senior management.

My Biggest Challenge to Wellness:

I travel extensively domestically and abroad, so staying grounded, balanced, and energized is key, but I also need to come home to my two small children and be equally energized and ready to be present for them. So burning out with travel isn’t an option!

How I Keep it Together to Stay Well:

I essentially have a ‘road warrior’ kit for maintaining balance and wellness on the road. In my suitcase I pack a travel yoga mat, running shoes, essential oils and a travel diffuser. For a little self care, I keep a travel french press with coffee and tea, my own granola, and high energy snacks on hand, alongside a refillable water canteen. Vitamin supplements are critical and I recommend “Ritual” vitamins which are developed specifically for women and packed with magnesium to help with sleep, and Vitamin B as support after nights out.

Finally, my writing journal is a powerful tool to stay focused on self-growth and personal goals. I carve out 10 minutes a day to write, which has been helpful in creating a space for holistic reflection, which then helps drive my career and family growth.

Connect with Elizabeth on Instagram at @Elizabethv_yoga or @worldcooperage


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