A Love Letter to Mystery and Mindfulness

A Love Letter to Mystery and Mindfulness

“I don’t want to know everything about wine. Can we stop trying to understand it all? Let’s leave the mystery in…”
A good friend of mine, an importer in the wine industry, said that to me a few years ago and I’ve never forgotten it.
It wasn’t that he was negligent about understanding wine. Not at all. It was more about being okay with the idea – with the truth – that sometimes there’s just no explanation for what happens.
I love this at the gut level.
Lately I’ve also been loving it at the mindful level as well.
Will I ever understand the deep chemical nuances of why this vintage of a wine smells like apricots and the next vintage of the very same wine smells more like ripe peaches?
Probably not.
Will I ever understand why some months I’m soaring through my to-do list of content, and other months it’s a struggle every step of the way?
Will it ever be clear to me what flipped the switch for a client? Why one day they’re irascible and argumentative, and the next they’re as agreeable as a baby with a full belly?
Here’s the thing about each of these situations, and others in our daily lives that no doubt come to mind:
I’m okay with the mystery.
I’m okay with not knowing.
I’m okay with letting it go.
And boy has that opened up a whole lot of time and space for other things that do matter, that are worth staying up at night thinking over, that fill me up with possibility and awareness.
Allowing for mystery – for not knowing – also allows for inspired mindfulness.
This week, let yourself wander in the mystery, in so much of what’s unknown, and in being okay with it.
I’ll meet you there.



Meet The Tribe:

Our community is only as strong as the company we keep, and here we meet some of the folks who make our profession so dynamic.


Julia Coney, Columnist, The Tasting Panel and Contributor, Wine Enthusiast

Years in the Industry:

Two. I switched careers from beauty writing to full-time wine and travel writing.

My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

Staying active on the road. I enjoy exercise when home, but I can't seem to get it together when traveling. Traveling requires early mornings and late nights and I've learned to listen to my body and rest. I know exercise will help with the chaos of travel and help me rest better on the road. Recently, I started swimming during my travels and it makes a big difference. I no longer have to worry about bringing workout clothes and sneakers, but only a swimsuit.


How I keep it Together to Stay Well:

I've come to terms with having to check a bag so I can carry my travel diffuser, essential oils, and trigger point therapy balls. I've learned having an evening routine similar to the routine I have at home it makes travel easier. I always bring  chamomile teas to help me transition into an evening practice, epsom salts for nightly baths, and take melatonin to quiet my mind and for sleep. My meditation practice is much better while traveling. For some reason, being away allows me to tune into myself.

Find Julia at her website or on Instagram @juliaconey


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