Wine2Wine 2018 - Verona, Italy
to Nov 27

Wine2Wine 2018 - Verona, Italy

Wine2wine features the latest market insights and strategic network opportunities for the evolving business in the world of wine and it focuses the less targeted states in the US market, experiential marketing, native advertising, social media, chatbot, podcast, the future of the wine sector, and much more.

Rebecca returns for the third year to discuss all things wine communications, navigating the media and securing publicity. Look forward to seeing you.

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2018 Wine Communicator of the Year Awards - Sydney, Australia
7:00 PM19:00

2018 Wine Communicator of the Year Awards - Sydney, Australia

Join the finest wine business professionals and communicators at the new Gourmet Traveller headquarters to celebrate this year’s best wine communicators.

The awards recognise outstanding contribution to, and excellence in, wine communication in all its forms. In each of the nine categories, a short list of finalists is reviewed and selected by a panel of expert judges.

A winner is then chosen in consultation with WCA Board. The overall Wine Communicator of the Year is then chosen from the category winners. Finalists will be announced on Monday 15 October, and winners will be awarded at the presentation night in Sydney sponsored by Riedel Australia.

WCA aims to be the pre-eminent organisation connecting business professionals working with wine. The group engages and inspires members through the delivery of insightful information and resources in an environment of wine industry cohorts. This will better enable us to learn and connect with the industry, providing a leadership position in the sustainable development of a world class Australian Wine Industry.

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to Sep 25

Sonoma County Wine Auction & Vinexpo Explorer

Named one of the nation’s top charitable auctions by Wine Spectator, the Sonoma County Wine Auction is one of Northern California's most pre-eminent events. Since its inception, the Sonoma County Wine Auction has raised over $29 million to help fund charitable organizations focusing on education, arts and culture, environment and health and human services and proceeds raised benefit local Sonoma County charitable organizations.

The Vinexpo Explorer program showcases some of the world’s most intriguing emerging wine regions with immersive tastings, tours and panels.


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to Aug 13

2018 TEXSOM Sommelier Conference

Rebecca will be attending TEXSOM with mat in hand, so drop a line if you are interested in grabbing a yoga class or meditation practice. 

"TEXSOM was founded in 2005 on an idealistic vision to advance our industry and elevate standards in a constant quest for excellence. Today, it is one of the most lauded events in the world of wine and has growing relevance in other segments of the beverage industry as well.

TEXSOM is a conference created for the industry by the industry. We are fortunate to have such an enthusiastic collective of individuals and organizations contributing their time, talent and financial backing to ensure that the sommelier profession and beverage-service industry stay community-minded and cutting-edge.

The conference’s reputation for quality is a testament to the enduring spirit of camaraderie and cooperation that fuels this event and sets it apart from others."

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9:00 AM09:00

Battonage Forum - Women in Wine

Cathy will be giving the closing comments at Bâtonnage - a day-long forum opening up a conversation about women in wine and we hope to see you! Rebecca will be in the audience madly taking notes :) 

"Bâtonnage is the brainchild of all those who identify as women working in all the different facets of the wine industry... even (especially) those who have traditionally been overlooked or spoken over. We strive to educate wine professionals as well as wine industry supporters on the unique challenges and opportunities that women in the field--winemakers, vineyard workers, writers and marketers, salespeople, sommeliers, collectors, and drinkers--have faced both historically and present-day. We simultaneously seek to propose pragmatic solutions for charting a positive, inclusive course forward."

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2018 Food & Wine Classic - Outdoor Yoga Practice
8:00 AM08:00

2018 Food & Wine Classic - Outdoor Yoga Practice

Did someone say YOGA!!? 

Bring your mat and join us 8am Saturday 16th June as we shake off the night before and wake up our bodies with an outdoor yoga practice at Koch Park - 120 W Cooper Ave, Aspen.

Led by O2 teacher, Aspen resident, Steak House 316 bartender and ABG Tribe member, Karen Miller, this 60 minute practice will get your body started for the F&W tent-dwelling hours ahead.  Class is outdoors and within walking distance of downtown, so just bring your mat and your presence!

We request a donation of $10 to cover Karen's time, and please email Beck if you need further details -

Karen Miller - Yoga Teacher & Steakhouse 316 Bartender 

About Karen Miller:

For the past fourteen years Karen has taught in the Hamptons, Austin and now Aspen. Her style of teaching is rooted in the Iyengar tradition where slow, mindful movements are practiced along with gaining a deep understanding of how the breath moves throughout the body.

Because of her thoughtful sequencing and light playful approach to discovering the Self, her students have been committed to her classes for over a decade.  

Her daily mantra is, “With the start of everyday, an opportunity to ‘do the work’ presents itself. We have the choice to live a purposeful, authentic life by starting exactly where we are with circumstances exactly as they are.”  When else? How else?  

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to Jun 3

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival - Atlanta, GA

The annual Atlanta Food & Wine Festival returns to Midtown Atlanta for its eighth year. From May 31 – June 3, more than 150 chefs, sommeliers, mixologists, and pit masters from Texas to the District of Columbia will come together to give guests a chance to know the South through immersive Learning Experiences, all-you-can-indulge Tasting Tents, and unique Dinners and Events. With classic Festival favorites and new offerings, this four-day event has plenty to satisfy everyone’s palate.

Cathy will be speaking at this annual event so drop a line to if you are interested in getting together for practice, a chat or a great glass together. Cathy, who is a member of the Women's Advisory Council, is participating in the Master Studio: Flights & Bites on June 1 from 3 to 6 pm and she is a panelist at the Women Who Wine session on June 2 at 1:15 pm.

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to May 23

London Wine Fair - London, UK

"Whether you are a sommelier, drinks buyer, wine advisor, store manager, wine writer, restaurant manager, retail director, bar manager, export manager, winemaker, operations manager, brand manager, purchasing manager, wine educator or anyone in the trade, London Wine Fair 2018 will deliver crucial drinks business, knowledge and inspiration for the next 12 months."

As work life has it, we are traveling over the next few months and would love to see you. Cathy will be attending LWTF so please drop a line to if you are interested in getting together for practice, a chat or a great glass together. She'll be speaking in the Innovation Zone about Enolytics, on Monday, May 21 at 11:45 am. More information is here.

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2:00 PM14:00

Breath and Meditation for Better Business - available to WOTVS conference attendees

  • The Meritage Resort Napa, California USA (map)
  • Google Calendar ICS

The stretchy part of yoga gets all the attention, and for good reason. The postures are like a slow dance that exercises our bodies and energizes our spirit. Yet ancient yogis would say that the postures are what they did in addition to the real work of yoga, which is breath and meditation. That core of yoga – breath and meditation – is the focus of this workshop. Those two practices may not be what get all the publicity, but they are absolutely fundamental. And they get us closer to why we do yoga in the first place: to unite body and mind, and to feel better along the way. A bonus? Breath and meditation can both be channeled to improve our professional lives too. This workshop shows you how.

While our breath sustains and nourishes us, many of us do not know how to breathe mindfully. As outlined in the ancient yoga texts, breath is considered a means to move energy (prana) around the body, and helps to create a mind that is calm, focused, and clear. Rebecca Hopkins, founder of “A Balanced Glass,” will show us how to bring mindfulness into our every breath. Learned from her 10+ years of meditation and yoga study, we will explore the physiology of our breathing system, how the way we breathe affects our everyday outlook, and learn techniques, tools and tips to help calm the mind, in order to make better decisions in your personal and professional life. You will leave the workshop feeling refreshed, revived, and hopefully breathing a little easier.

Meditation creates space. Space to create. Space to work better. Space to love more. It’s also the simplest thing in the world, to close your eyes and breathe. So what makes it so hard? And why don’t we all do it more often? Cathy Huyghe, journalist, entrepreneur and certified yoga teacher, will share her perspective on these questions from 20+ years of yoga, with the last five years oriented toward the practice of meditation. She’ll explain how meditation makes us less reactive and more present, and she’ll share some techniques for increasing compassion and focus in your life. We’ll finish with a short meditation – nothing fancy, nothing long, but a simple taste of tapping into the juiciness within.

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