Who and Where is Your Tribe?

Who and Where is Your Tribe?

In his 1943 research, “A Theory of Human Motivation” American psychologist Abraham Maslow ranked the human need for love and belonging third to the basic biological, physiological and safety needs to survive.

The need to belong is a psychological driver behind a desire for human connection, but WHO are the people we want to connect with, beyond basic survival needs, and HOW do we find them?

Since meeting many of you last month in Napa, and through our 30 Days of Practice on breath work and meditation, thanks to you all, we are growing quickly and unearthing an inspiring group of like-minded, respectful, open-minded and dynamic people. Folks who share a common desire to make change, share ideas, thoughts and experiences, so we can be more present, professionally and personally, and ultimately more successful.  

So with that, who you consider in YOUR tribe?

Your “peeps”?

The people you choose to spend time with outside of life’s never-ending obligations? 

And HOW do you find them?

Here are some ideas:

  • The person you’re in a work meeting with when the topic swings to something on a much deeper level? That might be them.

  • Heeding advice on how you can’t seem to focus in meditation from the person you just barely met, but feel like you know? It could be them.

  • The one who quietly nabbed you a seat at lunch because they knew you both wanted to continue your dialogue? Likely them too.

  • When you call someone you barely know, with a problem, and they pick up the phone genuinely happy to hear from you? Yes. Those people.

Your tribe doesn’t always immediately look, sound or act like your inner circle, or your closest confidants, but when the time is right, they will show up in the most surprising, inspiring and perfect ways. And when you finally find each other, make time to connect.

Find people where you can be YOU. Where your words and actions are heard and respected. Differences are recognized, and perspectives appreciated.

It may also show you those in your current circle with whom your values, beliefs, interests or common outlook no longer align,  But that’s ok. Life moves and changes too.

So thanks for joining us. We are grateful that you’re here.




Meet The Tribe!

Our community is only as strong as the company we keep, and here we meet some of the folks who make our profession so dynamic.

Charles headshot.jpg

Kimberly Noelle Charles - Founder & Owner

Charles Communications Associates

Years In the Industry:

34! I started as a sommelier while in University, and in 2018 will celebrate 15 years as the owner of CCA.

My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

Technology and its constant presence, a global clientele where time zones make for a day that can start at 6 AM with a call and end with checking in with the southern hemisphere at 9 PM.   This can make it hard to carve out time for self care, exercise and enough sleep. 

How I keep it Together To Stay Well:

Remind myself each day is new. Start my day with a 10 minute meditation, 10 minute stretch and Matcha tea, a natural energetic and healthy boosting tea without the detriments and jolt of coffee.


This Week's Reading 

There's no shortage of wine stories and media inundating our IN Boxes, here's what has piqued our interest this week:  

Harvard Business Review - Drunk People are Better At Creative Problem Solving

The Cut - Mindfulness and Meditation Advice for the Anxious and Distracted


Let's Meet Up

As work life has it, we are traveling over the next few months and would love to see you. 

  • Atlanta Food and Wine Festival, May 31 to June 3 (Cathy)

  • Aspen Food & Wine, June 15 to June 17 (Rebecca)

  • Fine Minds 4 Fine Wines, in Champagne, France, July 5 to 7 (Cathy)

  • Wines of Australia event in Lake Tahoe, July 22 to 26 (Cathy)

Drop a line to rebecca@abalancedglass.com or cathy@enolytics.com if you are interested in getting together for practice, a chat or a great glass together.

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