The “Hack” that May Actually Get Meditation to Work for You!

The “Hack” that May Actually Get Meditation to Work for You!

This one I learned from Lisa Sherman, a genius teacher in Asheville, North Carolina.

She called it a “hack,” to calm the flurry of your thoughts as you sit down to meditate. It gets you over that hump of frustration, thinking your mind is too busy to ever be any “good” at meditating.

Close your eyes to meditate, and just settle into your seat. Relax.

Bring to mind two people in your life who wish you well, and who want you to be happy. It could be a parent or a partner, or maybe a benefactor or a mentor, or maybe a child or a colleague. Whoever they are, imagine them sitting across from you, so the three of you are in a little pod.

Next, imagine these sentences that each of them says to you, quietly and sincerely:

May you be happy.

May you be healthy.

May you live with an open heart.

First one of the people you’ve brought to mind says these sentences, then the other. Spend some time letting this happen as you begin your meditation.

Notice what happens, and how you feel.

Why is this a “hack,” and why does it work?

Biologically speaking, bringing to mind these people and their well wishes for you triggers that part of your nervous system that assures you that you are in a safe space. That things are okay. That you are okay.

Emotionally speaking, it reminds you of people in your life who truly are concerned with your well-being. Who want you to be happy, and healthy, and to live with an open heart.

Sit with that for a while in your meditation.

Then, when you’re ready for the next part, imagine that you’re saying those three sentences to yourself.

May I be happy. May I be healthy. May I live with an open heart.

Notice what happens then.

Ironically, this is often the part of this practice that people I know stumble over, that is, when we remind themselves that we are in fact our own best friends. And, oh yeah! We have our own best interests at heart.

So pay attention here too, as you sit with this part of your meditation. Give it some time.

Finally, when you’re ready, direct those three sentiments outward, in order to complete this sort of triad of intention.

May we all be happy. May we all be healthy. May we all live with an open heart.

You could do this in concentric circles if you want. You could direct those sentiments toward acquaintances, for example, and then toward people you feel neutral toward, and then toward people you feel some negativity toward, and then toward people you really dislike, and then toward all of us, throughout the world.

You could also do this one “circle” at a time, however you’re comfortable.

But, once others are wishing you well and then you’re wishing yourself well, don’t forget to wish others well too. Because the idea of this last step is for your sense of compassion to become more expansive, and to cultivate it, and to share it with others even outside your immediate sphere.

That’s when, for me, things shift.

This practice may be a “hack,” but it’s one that works. (Thank you, Lisa Sherman.) Give it a try, and please let us know what happens. We’re curious to hear.


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