The Tribe Gets A Facelift!

The Tribe Gets A Facelift!

Admittedly it’s more change of season refresh than medical procedure, but the Meet the Tribe section is now cleaner, brighter and easier to read and navigate.

Why the change?

Because, nearly 50% of the website traffic comes to this section which tells us that you read it.
And because we wanted to give you some more visibility to read people’s stories, connect online and make it easier to see who else you may know, or want to know in this global community.
Everyone who has contributed to Meet the Tribe are people that Cathy and I have met and think they have something unique and interesting to share about their wellness journey.  Sometimes a wellness practice is physically focused - like Swede  Nils Bihari-Andersson and his kettleball training regime, or Canadian David Gluzman who commutes year-round almost exclusively by bike along with some cyclocross and Strava training.
Other times, people share their deeply personal stories. Such as American Michael Wangbickler who openly shared his challenges with depression, Polly Hammond from New Zealand, who tackles the hushed topic of menopause, or Australian Ambar Maddox whose chronic autoimmune disease can flare up by working with wine.
We have people into transcendental meditation, elimination diets, sleep aids, and apps, hacks, and techniques to keep it all together.
And it’s cool when you can meet people in real life who share not only a common profession, but interest in what we are all doing here. Shout out to Canadian tribe member Kurtis Kolt who said hi on the transfer bus at Frankfurt airport last week as we were both on our way to Verona.
And the best part of the stories is that they are honest. So we hope you are inspired, reassured or maybe ask “How the HECK do they do that?” and it gives a point to start a conversation.
So now you can find your favorite folks without endlessly scrolling, hunting and searching. Simply use the search function on the homepage, or click on their image in Meet the Tribe and you are in their profile. We also include the online and social media contacts so you can track each other down. If you think someone is interesting, drop a line, ask a question, or simply say g’day.
So do you have a wellness story or a practice you want to share? Or know someone in the business who does? Drop a line to and let’s chat!
Much like the community, the site is evolving, and we want input from professionals from all countries, roles, ages, stages, and professional areas to keep this space dynamic, and real.
Because that’s what it’s about.

What We're Listening To:

With travel, it’s sometimes more about audio than visual, so this week it’s all about the podcast including our own ABG interview with the Garden Society earlier last month.

The Value of Self-Care – The Garden Society podcast
On Episode 5, Beck and Cathy join hosts Erin Gore and Karli Warner of cannabis podcast The Garden Society, to discuss all things wellness, women and their top tips for self-care.
Chef Seamus Mullen on Near-death Experiences and Food as Healing - Communal Table with Kat Kinsman
An incredibly inspiring conversation with Seamus Mullen on his struggles with an autoimmune disease and how he used food to reclaim his body and his life.

Meet the Tribe!

Our community is only as strong as the company we keep, and here we meet some of the folks who make our profession so dynamic.


Meg Houston Maker
Writer and Editor, Founder of Terroir Review (USA)

Years In The Industry:
I’ve been writing about wine, food, and terroir for about eleven years, both in consumer and trade publications and on my own site, Terroir Review. I also work as a critic, educator, and multimedia storyteller. All of the work is informed by decades as a scratch cook, homestead gardener, and naturalist, so you could say I’ve been at this most of my life.
My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:
International wine research travel might seem like the most glamorous job imaginable, but the long days, late nights, and lengthy meals lead to numbing fatigue. Plus, spitting is an imperfect solution when tasting hundreds of wines over several days. It adds up. It’s also hard to get quiet time to recharge my batteries and reflect on the day’s work, which is essential to write knowledgeably about people and place.
How I Keep It Together To Stay Well:
My husband and I live on three quiet rural acres in New Hampshire, where we chop our own firewood, grow our own vegetables, cook daily, and try to live a handmade life. We prefer locally grown foods and lower-alcohol wines. We almost never dine in restaurants.
I work out every day, alternating weight training, intervals, yoga, Pilates, running, and stairclimbing. Also, my enormous garden has me outdoors from early spring through late fall schlepping soil and plants and making a glorious mess. Gardening fuels both body and soul.
Critically, I find that writing itself helps bring me into balance. It requires me to read widely, think critically, synthesize what I’m learning, and frame it in a way readers can appreciate. It keeps me interdisciplinary while also deepening my compassion. And it gives me plenty of quiet time, a good reminder to safeguard my own solitude.
You can connect with Meg on Instagram and Twitter and at Read her award-winning wine and food writing in Terroir Review, or follow the research in real time via Instagram and Twitter.

Let’s Meet Up!

As work life has it, we are traveling over the next few months and would love to see you. 

Drop a line to or if you are interested in getting together for practice, a chat or a great glass together.

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