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Why A Balanced Glass?

We believe that every professional who works with, or around alcohol, deserves to have the knowledge, tools and resources to manage their personal wellness for long-term career success.

25+ years as a wine professional has taught me that working with wine can present physical and mental health challenges faced by few other professions.

A Balanced Glass (ABG) is a web forum dedicated to supporting the health and wellness for wine professionals around the world. Our focus is to provide guidance, access to networks and connections within beverage alcohol.

The online forum offers insight and tips. Since its launch in March 2018, more than 500 wine professionals spanning nine countries have joined the community, and the FaceBookGroup, community and social media presence on Instagram and Twitter continue to grow.

Without a high-performing and vibrant industry, we are not reaching our full potential. We cannot create new ideas, conceptualize new ways, or thrive as a vibrant and engaged community without a healthy outlook.  

We are committed to changing the way we talk about health and wellness, bringing often shadowed subjects to light, and helping promising young minds grow and thrive. Managing long-term health while working with and around alcohol is not always easy—but it can be easier together.

Join Us.

~ Rebecca Hopkins, Founder.