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2018 Food & Wine Classic - Outdoor Yoga Practice

Did someone say YOGA!!? 

Bring your mat and join us 8am Saturday 16th June as we shake off the night before and wake up our bodies with an outdoor yoga practice at Koch Park - 120 W Cooper Ave, Aspen.

Led by O2 teacher, Aspen resident, Steak House 316 bartender and ABG Tribe member, Karen Miller, this 60 minute practice will get your body started for the F&W tent-dwelling hours ahead.  Class is outdoors and within walking distance of downtown, so just bring your mat and your presence!

We request a donation of $10 to cover Karen's time, and please email Beck if you need further details -

Karen Miller - Yoga Teacher & Steakhouse 316 Bartender 

About Karen Miller:

For the past fourteen years Karen has taught in the Hamptons, Austin and now Aspen. Her style of teaching is rooted in the Iyengar tradition where slow, mindful movements are practiced along with gaining a deep understanding of how the breath moves throughout the body.

Because of her thoughtful sequencing and light playful approach to discovering the Self, her students have been committed to her classes for over a decade.  

Her daily mantra is, “With the start of everyday, an opportunity to ‘do the work’ presents itself. We have the choice to live a purposeful, authentic life by starting exactly where we are with circumstances exactly as they are.”  When else? How else?