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Breath and Meditation for Better Business - available to WOTVS conference attendees

  • The Meritage Resort Napa, California USA (map)

The stretchy part of yoga gets all the attention, and for good reason. The postures are like a slow dance that exercises our bodies and energizes our spirit. Yet ancient yogis would say that the postures are what they did in addition to the real work of yoga, which is breath and meditation. That core of yoga – breath and meditation – is the focus of this workshop. Those two practices may not be what get all the publicity, but they are absolutely fundamental. And they get us closer to why we do yoga in the first place: to unite body and mind, and to feel better along the way. A bonus? Breath and meditation can both be channeled to improve our professional lives too. This workshop shows you how.

While our breath sustains and nourishes us, many of us do not know how to breathe mindfully. As outlined in the ancient yoga texts, breath is considered a means to move energy (prana) around the body, and helps to create a mind that is calm, focused, and clear. Rebecca Hopkins, founder of “A Balanced Glass,” will show us how to bring mindfulness into our every breath. Learned from her 10+ years of meditation and yoga study, we will explore the physiology of our breathing system, how the way we breathe affects our everyday outlook, and learn techniques, tools and tips to help calm the mind, in order to make better decisions in your personal and professional life. You will leave the workshop feeling refreshed, revived, and hopefully breathing a little easier.

Meditation creates space. Space to create. Space to work better. Space to love more. It’s also the simplest thing in the world, to close your eyes and breathe. So what makes it so hard? And why don’t we all do it more often? Cathy Huyghe, journalist, entrepreneur and certified yoga teacher, will share her perspective on these questions from 20+ years of yoga, with the last five years oriented toward the practice of meditation. She’ll explain how meditation makes us less reactive and more present, and she’ll share some techniques for increasing compassion and focus in your life. We’ll finish with a short meditation – nothing fancy, nothing long, but a simple taste of tapping into the juiciness within.

Later Event: May 21
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