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You Said Yes!! A Balanced Glass Comes to Vinitaly

So we asked you, any interest in an ABG meet-up during Vinitaly? You said Yes.

We asked, what’s your feedback for a short gathering, maybe at the end of the day during the show? You said Yes, and offered all kinds of suggestions. 

Here’s what that tells us: NO-one has time for meditation during VinItaly, but that is EXACTLY why we are convening this group.

5 Fundamental Yoga Stretches and Why We Do Them

“Yoga is like a love letter of apology to your body.”

A yoga teacher in Vancouver said that once, years ago, during class and I’ve never forgotten it. In itself, it’s one of the best reasons I know to do yoga.  This week I’d like to offer a little more detail on that theme, and talk about five fundamental yoga stretches and why to do them.