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Julia Coney, Columnist, The Tasting Panel and Contributor, Wine Enthusiast

Years in the Industry:

Two. I switched careers from beauty writing to full-time wine and travel writing.

My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

Staying active on the road. I enjoy exercise when home, but I can't seem to get it together when traveling. Traveling requires early mornings and late nights and I've learned to listen to my body and rest. I know exercise will help with the chaos of travel and help me rest better on the road. Recently, I started swimming during my travels and it makes a big difference. I no longer have to worry about bringing workout clothes and sneakers, but only a swimsuit.

How I keep it Together to Stay Well:

I've come to terms with having to check a bag so I can carry my travel diffuser, essential oils, and trigger point therapy balls. I've learned having an evening routine similar to the routine I have at home it makes travel easier. I always bring  chamomile teas to help me transition into an evening practice, epsom salts for nightly baths, and take melatonin to quiet my mind and for sleep. My meditation practice is much better while traveling. For some reason, being away allows me to tune into myself.

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Elizabeth Van Emst, General Manager, Cooperages 1912

Years In Industry: 

Ten years in wine oak barrel sales and senior management.

My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

I travel extensively domestically and abroad, so staying grounded, balanced, and energized is key, but I also need to come home to my two small children and be equally energized and ready to be present for them. So burning out with travel isn’t an option!

How I Keep It Together To Stay Well:

I essentially have a ‘road warrior’ kit for maintaining balance and wellness on the road. In my suitcase I pack a travel yoga mat, running shoes, essential oils and a travel diffuser. For a little self care, I keep a travel french press with coffee and tea, my own granola, and high energy snacks on hand, alongside a refillable water canteen. Vitamin supplements are critical and I recommend “Ritual” vitamins which are developed specifically for women and packed with magnesium to help with sleep, and Vitamin B as support after nights out.

Finally, my writing journal is a powerful tool to stay focused on self-growth and personal goals. I carve out 10 minutes a day to write, which has been helpful in creating a space for holistic reflection, which then helps drive my career and family growth.

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Elizabeth Colton, Senior Manager PR & Events, Campari America

Years in the Industry: 


My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

Staying grounded, rested and properly nourished while on the road.

How I keep it Together To Stay Well:

Surround yourself with good people. I am fortunate to have an incredible circle of friends, family and an amazing partner who help keep me balanced and laughing, especially in stressful times. I also happen to be an introvert, so carving out solo time is critical for recharging my batteries, especially after traveling for work and upon conclusion of big projects. Self-care is essential, especially in our industry. When I'm home, my "glam squad" consists of teachers and practitioners of acupuncture, body work, meditation, Pilates and Qi Gong. I've got plenty of herbs and supplements going on as well to balance out my diet. When I'm on the road, I pack a ton of food and snacks so I've always got something easy and nourishing on hand. 

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Kimberly Charles, Founder & Owner, Charles Communications Associates

Years In the Industry:

34! I started as a sommelier while in University, and in 2018 will celebrate 15 years as the owner of CCA.

My Biggest Challenge To Wellness:

Technology and its constant presence, a global clientele where time zones make for a day that can start at 6 AM with a call and end with checking in with the southern hemisphere at 9 PM.   This can make it hard to carve out time for self care, exercise and enough sleep. 

How I keep it Together To Stay Well:

Remind myself each day is new. Start my day with a 10 minute meditation, 10 minute stretch and Matcha tea, a natural energetic and healthy boosting tea without the detriments and jolt of coffee.

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